‌If I could save you, I would. But time and again I’ve realised that people cannot be saved or fixed or grown by others. You need to do that yourself. You have to let go of the past, you have to forgive them. Remember, the more of them you forgive, the better you live. Crush that burden in your heart. Let go of everything that weighs you down, everything that doesn’t let you fly. Every constraint, every regret. Every shouldn’ts and don’ts. Embrace yourself and unfurl your wings. Fly high, for the sky is the limit. Be the saviour you want me to be. 



Every person has a story. Here’s mine.. 

Hello, followers and friends. First of all I want to thank each one of you for your appreciation and support. I’m overwhelmed by the amazing response I’ve got on the blog in just a week. Thanks a lot. Second of all, I believe every person in this world has an untold story. There is something in the past that makes a person who he is today. Here’s my that “something” I’d like to share..

I was once a very sad person. I had a handful of friends, hated going out and avoided any human interaction whatsoever. It was as if I was locked up in a dingy cage, behind invisible iron bars. And being an introvert, I always had difficulties expressing myself. I never talked to anybody about this hurricane of emotions and how it was slowly destroying me, a little piece of me every day. I never complained. I was so accustomed to it that I accepted it to be my reality, that maybe this is the sort of a person I am.

But then there came a phase in my life where I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t live. Everything around me was black and white, not a single person to be seen. I had pushed everyone away, far away. 

  It was just another sleepless night when I decided to write, write down anything and everything that was bothering me. After sitting idle, staring at the blank piece of paper in front of me for an hour, I began to write. I took me two long hours to finish it and and the feeling cannot be expressed in words. 

   That’s when I started writing to express myself. I must admit here that I’m no master of words, I write for the joy of it. I want my emotions to reach out to you, to your hearts, and if that happens my mission is accomplished. 

Like I said, every person has a story. Tell me yours in the comments below.

Somewhere in the parallel universe..

Everytime I’m out in the balcony, I can’t help but notice a dog that lives in a house right in front of mine. He is always chained and by ‘always’ I mean 24×7. It’s ridiculous. I’ve never seen him free. He’s sad, I can see it in his eyes. 

This post is an effort to create awareness among people on this issue. Give animals the love that they deserve. 

“They are ruthless”, the man thought to himself. The four-legged creatures would feed him twice a day. There was always enough water in a bowl for him to quench his thirst. But the man hated them anyway. “These are cruel species, with a heart of stone. They love nothing and no one but themselves.” He got up and walked towards the mirror, as much as the chains around his ankles allowed him to. His reflection sent a chill down his spine. Gawking at the mirror with tears in his eyes,he wondered if there exists a universe parallel to his own.Wiping away those tiny droplets of water, in a voice as meek as a lamb, he said: 

“I hope there exists a world, 

Where they may be fierce, 

But not free. 

I hope there exists a world, 

Where I am They, 

And They are Me.”


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What if.. 

​What if the things we see, the voices we hear, the people we love are nothing but a figment of our imagination? What if the people we think are crazy are in fact completely sane? May be they can see the reality of the world which we deny because it’s too unrealistic for us. We tend to deny the existence of anything that’s beyond our comprehension, don’t we? That explains why the mad thinks they’re not and to them we are mad instead. What if the crazy ones aren’t really the crazy ones, it’s us who are..

   – Namrata 

A Perfect Picture

​‌The best part about cleaning your room is that you find stuffs you never knew existed. Looking at my room, and the mess that it was, I finally decided to clean it. As I began to organise my book shelf, a picture fell out of one of the books. I hastily picked it up. It was a really old picture, of my father and me on a beach. And there I was, reminiscing about how beautiful life was back then. It’s amazing how a picture can bring back a thousand memories. The world around me stopped for a while. My father, smiling and looking as handsome as he always does and then there was this hideous creature beside him, Me. But the one thing caught my attention was how happy I looked in that simple picture. I realised that the captures nowadays, or selfies as we call them, never reflects our true emotions. A zillion filters and makeup apps, all the posing and perpetual pouting may make you look perfect , but never happy. But there I had in my hands a picture of mine,  so bizarre yet so beautiful, perfect in all it’s imperfections.