I don’t belong here 

​I don’t belong here 

Where people talk 

Less about themselves 

More about else 

I don’t belong here 

Where people laugh 

Not in joy 

But in pain

I don’t belong here 

Where people only see

Not your heart 

But your beauty 

Faces behind veils 

Their promises, frail

Where I can’t be myself 

I don’t belong here. 





Do read. This one is straight from the heart. Hope you like it. 

What is wrong with me

That I crave to smile again 

A smile that touches my eyes 

A smile that isn’t a masquerade


That I want to sleep 

Peacefully on my mother’s lap

Her soothing voice a remedy 

To all my childish problems that children have. 

What is wrong with me

If I want to breathe again 

Inhale the fresh, crisp air 

Exhale the misery and the pain

Take me back in time 

When I was made to believe

That life will forever be simple 

And that people never leave 

All that is wrong with me

Is that I have a weak heart 

I’ve come a long way in life 

A race that I can’t restart. 



Time staring me right in the eye, my entire life floating in front of me like a terrifying yet enchanting nightmare. There was good and bad, happiness and gloom and everything else that makes life a beautiful conundrum. Though I could make changes, stop time and alter it, I did nothing. I just stood there- wonderstruck, amused at how far I’ve come, bemused that there’s a long way to go. 

Please leave your views in the comments below: If there was one thing you could change in your life, what would it be?

Happy Diwali 

The festival of light, love and joy arrives 

May the lights always brighten our lives, 

May the love destroy everything in this world that evil and hateful,

May our souls be joyous for as long as we breathe.


Wishing all my friends and followers a very Happy Diwali. ✨

Tell me in the comments below how you celebrated Diwali. Cheers! 


Raise A Toast 

​”Cheers”, I say, 

“To friends who became strangers

And strangers who became friends

To the lover who now hates me 

And the haters who now love me 

To everything I’ve left behind

And everything that has come my way

To the bitter yesterday

And a better today.”


Light Years Away 

​Dark, serene, ceaseless 

Gazing at the blackness 

I see the stars 

Smiling at me

The bright, white moon 

Whispers my name

For the sky 

And the world 

That lies beyond 

Is where my soul belongs

It takes a lifetime to return 

Return to where 

I’ve come from

Gifted with this life 

Only to die

And to be re born

As a new being

In another universe 

I’m here, only to return 

Return to where 

I’ve come from

To the place 

That I call “Home”.