Light Years Away 

​Dark, serene, ceaseless 

Gazing at the blackness 

I see the stars 

Smiling at me

The bright, white moon 

Whispers my name

For the sky 

And the world 

That lies beyond 

Is where my soul belongs

It takes a lifetime to return 

Return to where 

I’ve come from

Gifted with this life 

Only to die

And to be re born

As a new being

In another universe 

I’m here, only to return 

Return to where 

I’ve come from

To the place 

That I call “Home”. 




                A smile on my lips

                Tears buried deep 

                Fits of laughter 

                But screams within 

                There I am

                Feeling alone 

                Amidst a hundred others

                Smiling, talking, laughing

                They look so happy 

                But are they? 


The Nightfall

So dark, yet serene

Filled with mysteries 

Waiting to be discovered 

Full of magic

Awaiting a reveal 

Embrace the moonlight 

For the heart is naive 

Afraid of the unknown 

And the unseen           

Escaping the crowd

Chaos and echoes of the day

The night shall take you    

To a world far away 

Thoughts braiding into words

Darkness did it’s little trick

The mind is now a lot wiser

Than it has ever been.