Somewhere in the parallel universe..

Everytime I’m out in the balcony, I can’t help but notice a dog that lives in a house right in front of mine. He is always chained and by ‘always’ I mean 24×7. It’s ridiculous. I’ve never seen him free. He’s sad, I can see it in his eyes. 

This post is an effort to create awareness among people on this issue. Give animals the love that they deserve. 

“They are ruthless”, the man thought to himself. The four-legged creatures would feed him twice a day. There was always enough water in a bowl for him to quench his thirst. But the man hated them anyway. “These are cruel species, with a heart of stone. They love nothing and no one but themselves.” He got up and walked towards the mirror, as much as the chains around his ankles allowed him to. His reflection sent a chill down his spine. Gawking at the mirror with tears in his eyes,he wondered if there exists a universe parallel to his own.Wiping away those tiny droplets of water, in a voice as meek as a lamb, he said: 

“I hope there exists a world, 

Where they may be fierce, 

But not free. 

I hope there exists a world, 

Where I am They, 

And They are Me.”


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