Do read. This one is straight from the heart. Hope you like it. 

What is wrong with me

That I crave to smile again 

A smile that touches my eyes 

A smile that isn’t a masquerade


That I want to sleep 

Peacefully on my mother’s lap

Her soothing voice a remedy 

To all my childish problems that children have. 

What is wrong with me

If I want to breathe again 

Inhale the fresh, crisp air 

Exhale the misery and the pain

Take me back in time 

When I was made to believe

That life will forever be simple 

And that people never leave 

All that is wrong with me

Is that I have a weak heart 

I’ve come a long way in life 

A race that I can’t restart. 



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15 thoughts on “Restart ”

  1. Hey! I hope you are doing well! This piece is brilliantly written! Each line forces to look back in time when everything was not so complicated and life was simple. 🙂
    Especially the last 2 lines fades out in a very sad tone, which is simply beautiful. Great work! 🙂

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