A Better Tomorrow 

And there are days 

When you get up

Only to fall again

You try your best 

But you fail

You fight hard 

And lose in the end

So you quit 

You don’t pretend 

Struggling to breathe

Soundless screams 

Accepting defeat 

Though quiet soon 

Will come your day 

When the sun will shine

And the stars will sway

Just for you 

So you know 

That one bad day 

Will take you to 

A better tomorrow



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29 thoughts on “A Better Tomorrow ”

  1. A fantastic and positive read , inspiring to fight, keeping the hope alive and teaching to work hard for a future.

    It’s dawn just after the dark
    A new journey I’ll embark
    Long and tough it might be
    Have to set out in hours wee

    Along the winding narrow curves
    With willing heart and stable nerves
    Humming down those lovely tunes
    While passing through glorious ruins

    Pacing steadily step by step
    It’s not a tour by map
    Carving out path in wild
    With inquisitiveness of a child

    Undulated, it’s a terrain rough
    Going is slowly getting tough
    But with an affable smile
    I’ll go on till last mile

    The fire within was untimely dying
    From hard work I was shying
    Confidence was at all time low
    What to do I didn’t know

    But the time has turned the tide
    Fortune is on my side
    Heart is light and head is high
    Now no if no but and no why

    Success sooner or later I’ll get
    And for it now I don’t fret
    From life a lesson I have learnt
    That joy or sadness nothing is permanent

    Family friends and our foes
    With time they too out grow
    So giving best to my present
    And now I live in the moment.

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