Light Years Away 

​Dark, serene, ceaseless 

Gazing at the blackness 

I see the stars 

Smiling at me

The bright, white moon 

Whispers my name

For the sky 

And the world 

That lies beyond 

Is where my soul belongs

It takes a lifetime to return 

Return to where 

I’ve come from

Gifted with this life 

Only to die

And to be re born

As a new being

In another universe 

I’m here, only to return 

Return to where 

I’ve come from

To the place 

That I call “Home”. 



A Better Tomorrow 

And there are days 

When you get up

Only to fall again

You try your best 

But you fail

You fight hard 

And lose in the end

So you quit 

You don’t pretend 

Struggling to breathe

Soundless screams 

Accepting defeat 

Though quiet soon 

Will come your day 

When the sun will shine

And the stars will sway

Just for you 

So you know 

That one bad day 

Will take you to 

A better tomorrow