A smile on my lips

                Tears buried deep 

                Fits of laughter 

                But screams within 

                There I am

                Feeling alone 

                Amidst a hundred others

                Smiling, talking, laughing

                They look so happy 

                But are they? 



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54 thoughts on “Masquerades”

      1. ..well, how could one have trust upon someone else, while he is not ready to believe himself..sometime, feeling like this is a world of actors..may be someone else is directing this never ending film and watching the show..

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  1. Wow this is wonderful. I’m usually caught up in situations where people are enjoying themselves but I’m like “what’s so enjoyable about this at all?” . I liked the question at the end of you poem. Are they happy? Or just good at pretending? 😞😲

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    1. I know the feeling. My thoughts are exactly the same. I believe we all wear a mask. Behind that mask is the real us which is hidden from the world. Thank you for reading and your kind words 🙂


  2. A nice post indeed! But smile… smile no matter how you feel inside… its the smile that is real. Everyone is a little broken, everyone has their own stories. It’s what we do about it that matters. Smile.. even if you frowning inside! 🙂

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    1. Thanks a lot. 🙂 I beg to differ though. I believe smiling irrespective of what you feel inside isn’t the real smile, it’s fake. People do that all the time. It’s because of this that we can never truly determine how the other person is feeling.

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      1. I agree with you ! It’s really very hard to put on a smile when you’re dying inside. So why do we as community promote the concept of keep-smiling-always.
        It puts a pressure on the individual to put on a mask and *act* cheerful. We’ll said Namrata *^▁^*

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      2. Maybe because they think that smiling through every situation helps, but in reality it does not. There is the added pressure to act in a certain way, like you said. And Thank you. 🙂 Thanks a lot for reading and appreciating. 😊


      1. I agree. What I was trying to say was a hollow sense of bravery induced by some .. societal pressure. I hope they know it is easier to be themselves than to hide! But then that said, there are times, and many are not lucky enough to be in such company.

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      2. That’s true. Things are worse here in India, where you’re expected to act in a certain way otherwise every other person will judge you. It’s time things change. And I hope that change comes soon.


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