Open the window 

This is a little something I wrote to motivate myself during tough times. I captured the surroundings, which greatly inspired me to pen down my thoughts. 

Hope you like it. 

Open the window. Look around. There’s so much to see and so much to know. But what’s mesmerizing is that the world alters itself in accordance with our perception of it. 

When you’re happy, you’ll see the sun, shining bright and the birds, flying across the blue sky, their chirping and chattering being music to your ears. When you’re at peace, your soul sways to the song of the rain and the smell of wet earth. If you’re sad, you’d look up to those grey clouds, that cage the beautiful, bright sun and makes the world so dark and gloomy. 

Life is how you see it. Look around everytime you feel lonely and you’ll find a part of you in everything else. Sometimes isolation is healthy, it opens the window of your heart and helps you see that the world is youer than you 



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