The world through my eyes.. 

​Isn’t it amazing how we don’t know each other, yet we know each other? You know me by my name and I know you by yours. That’s it. I don’t know your religion or country and I don’t even care. All I care about is that you are a human, so am I. We share knowledge, we share feelings. We appreciate each other and spread good vibes. We’re like a big, happy family sharing, caring, motivating and loving each other. 

And then when I see people slaughter others of their kind on the grounds of religion and race, I pity them. I pity them because they are missing out on everything in this world that’s beautiful. I pity them because they don’t know that the world isn’t as bad a place as we think it is. I pity them because the feeling called “love” is beyond their comprehension. 


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60 thoughts on “The world through my eyes.. ”

      1. Love that music! it had me dancing along to it (well – tapping my foot). I don’t know much about Indian Dancing, but I know that you stayed in time to the music and that your face and body were expressive and that you made it look effortless! I’m not sure what the judges were looking for (apart from laughs) but you sure seemed to me to deliver it. 🙂

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      1. Hmm yeah. Actually violence has always been there. When human started to travel from one place to another, he thought of supremacy rather than humanity. He became jealous and this gave rise to all the conflicts. There have always been demons and devils but always the truth wins over.

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