Every person has a story. Here’s mine.. 

Hello, followers and friends. First of all I want to thank each one of you for your appreciation and support. I’m overwhelmed by the amazing response I’ve got on the blog in just a week. Thanks a lot. Second of all, I believe every person in this world has an untold story. There is something in the past that makes a person who he is today. Here’s my that “something” I’d like to share..

I was once a very sad person. I had a handful of friends, hated going out and avoided any human interaction whatsoever. It was as if I was locked up in a dingy cage, behind invisible iron bars. And being an introvert, I always had difficulties expressing myself. I never talked to anybody about this hurricane of emotions and how it was slowly destroying me, a little piece of me every day. I never complained. I was so accustomed to it that I accepted it to be my reality, that maybe this is the sort of a person I am.

But then there came a phase in my life where I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t live. Everything around me was black and white, not a single person to be seen. I had pushed everyone away, far away. 

  It was just another sleepless night when I decided to write, write down anything and everything that was bothering me. After sitting idle, staring at the blank piece of paper in front of me for an hour, I began to write. I took me two long hours to finish it and and the feeling cannot be expressed in words. 

   That’s when I started writing to express myself. I must admit here that I’m no master of words, I write for the joy of it. I want my emotions to reach out to you, to your hearts, and if that happens my mission is accomplished. 

Like I said, every person has a story. Tell me yours in the comments below.


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41 thoughts on “Every person has a story. Here’s mine.. ”

  1. You should feel proud in your strength! And I think you are quite the writer (for what that’s worth). It’s difficult to share these things, but it’s so good for you (and for others to read, and find hope knowing they are not alone! Keep at it!

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  2. It’s nice to know that you’ve now broken out of your cage and started expressing yourself. Writing out whatever you feel surely makes you feel light and free, just as if you had been pouring out your miseries to a best friend or you mother. Do continue to write as frequently as possible! Loved the post very much. 🙂

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  3. This writeup is a touching one and quite similar to me in certain extent although i am always a happy go lucky person but there comes a phase in life when you feel broken there i initiate writing.It is a weapon to express yourself & stress off your all pains.Fortunately got published with travel articles and short stories and i can see the change.So all the very best and write whatever in your mind & keep smiling as you never know what life has in for you the next turn.You write beautiful,keep writing & stay happy.Smiles to you 🙂

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    1. I know the feeling. But don’t be afraid of disappointing others, it’s a part of life. You can’t keep everyone happy all the time. But the people who are by your side even during the bad times are keepers. Don’t let them go, ever. 🙂

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  4. i can extremely relate to this, you seem like a twin to me.
    I started scribbling at the age of 9 but that was my frustration out as a crap.
    then again i gained strength at 16, because I had to let that poison out and writing was the only option.
    for you. lots of luck and love. Stay strong, Cheers!

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  5. That would have been hard to express or maybe more painful to experience it. I know this situation, it makes you feel sick, unwanted and lost in your own thoughts. Writing definitely brings the best out of you. The time I realized that I want to write was when I started questioning my every belief and its contradictions. That, Why people don’t see beyond what they know? Why do they look at things just from their perspective? You question yourself, your beliefs, your unsynchronized thoughts and can’t tell how much better it gets when you express what you truly “feel”. Neither it could be forced nor be made up. Motivating others isn’t easy as it needs to come from within and first of all a fire of optimism needs to be lit up within yourself! Your words shouldn’t contradict with your own actions; implementation in your own life should also be valid with those words you put in. Something I am afraid of as it isn’t always possible. No one’s perfect, maybe some things need not be. I know the struggle being an introvert, to feel more than you should, super-sensitive, draining short conversations and a lot more. I hope it wasn’t too late to comment. Can’t say it all. Have a great day!

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    1. Hi there. I totally agree with you. I believe I’ve come a pretty long way and I’m a better, happier person now. This required a great amount of patience and time. The struggle makes you stronger, I what I tell myself and everyone else. Thand for reading and sharing your thoughts. It was good to see you. Have a nice day.:)

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