What if.. 

​What if the things we see, the voices we hear, the people we love are nothing but a figment of our imagination? What if the people we think are crazy are in fact completely sane? May be they can see the reality of the world which we deny because it’s too unrealistic for us. We tend to deny the existence of anything that’s beyond our comprehension, don’t we? That explains why the mad thinks they’re not and to them we are mad instead. What if the crazy ones aren’t really the crazy ones, it’s us who are..

   – Namrata 


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17 thoughts on “What if.. ”

  1. Good point. But what if…everything out there was an illusion? What if our senses were deceiving us all the time? That the tree next to the road wasn’t actually a tree, but our eyes tricked our brain into thinking that it was a tree? Oh my god, my brain is spiralling down into a valley of what-ifs

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