A Perfect Picture

​‌The best part about cleaning your room is that you find stuffs you never knew existed. Looking at my room, and the mess that it was, I finally decided to clean it. As I began to organise my book shelf, a picture fell out of one of the books. I hastily picked it up. It was a really old picture, of my father and me on a beach. And there I was, reminiscing about how beautiful life was back then. It’s amazing how a picture can bring back a thousand memories. The world around me stopped for a while. My father, smiling and looking as handsome as he always does and then there was this hideous creature beside him, Me. But the one thing caught my attention was how happy I looked in that simple picture. I realised that the captures nowadays, or selfies as we call them, never reflects our true emotions. A zillion filters and makeup apps, all the posing and perpetual pouting may make you look perfect , but never happy. But there I had in my hands a picture of mine,  so bizarre yet so beautiful, perfect in all it’s imperfections. 


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28 thoughts on “A Perfect Picture”

  1. I love finding old pictures of being in pure bliss. People always tell me that memories are better than pictures but that’s why I love taking them. You can actually see your happy moments and it’s like pausing in time😌

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  2. Hello Namrata,
    I can completely relate to your feelings. Childhood is a beautiful phase of life. Stumbling upon something that reminds you of your childhood during a time when you’re completely lost in the confusion of life is even more beautiful. Your post is great!😃

    I hope to do a piece on my reminiscences of my childhood soon too. If you can, please do check out my blog.

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